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Internal Competitions

The Club Championship


The 'Bishops Stortford Club Championship' is an internal competition, but these games are graded. Like the Champions league, the start is the group phase. With 4 to a team, first positions will go through to the semi finals of the Cup, while the runners up will go through to the semis of the Plate.

Dont forget to play all your group matches by the end of February!

(See link for Rules and groups). 


Rules & Update:

The Hewitt Cup


The Hewitt Cup is our ungraded internal competition which gives you points just for turning up! All members and newcomers are automatically entered (unless they request otherwise) and matches may be arranged with any other club member. The Leyn Cup is awarded for the highest number of points obtained by someone in the lower half of the (grade ordered) table. Because results don’t affect grades, it is an excellent introduction to competitive chess for newcomers and, for existing members, a good way of “trying things out”.

The 2017/18 competition is getting exciting!


Rules and latest standings :

Rapid Play



The Rapid Play is a 1 day event. Based on Rapid Play rules, games are played with players limited to just 30 minutes each. Results are recorded for a Rapid Play grade.

Rules:                                   Results:

Blitz Tournaments


Blitz Chess is fast and furious. With 5 minutes each to play an entire game, the mistakes and errors can come thick and fast. But so does the fun. Blitz can really sort the men from the boys!


Rules:                                   Results:

Simultaneous: Ieuan Vs All


This is a chance for us mere mortals to take on 'the main man'. T1's board 1, Ieuan. With as many challengers we can muster, the club will play simultaneous matches against its number one player. The challenge is to improve on last years 8-0 defeat.

26 09 19  Report Here

Consultation Match


The idea behind this is to play play 1 game between two even teams. The idea being that, through open discussion, ideas and plans can be openly discussed, allowing lesser mortals to learn from higher graded players. 

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