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Points List   /   Timeline   /  B.S.C.C. History

Points List

The 'All Time Points List' page looks at the history of all the members of the club and highlights each players contribution in the Herfordshire Leagues.  


The list includes:

·         Name of player,

·         How many games played,

·         The points scored in the Hertfordshire league for the           B.S.C.C.,

·         Their percentage of wins,

·         Their movement in the list from the previous year.


The list is produced in order of most points contributed. Those players inbold font are current players.

The club is proud to have an elite number of members in its exclusive '100 Club'. (Those that have contributed 100 points or more to the club). The following are members of this club:


Charles Willbe

            Sid Capsey

                        Nigel Kerby

                                   Laurie Mercer

                                    Max Ashley

                                       Mark Heffer

                                           John Spencer

                                        Paul Kenning

                                  Adam Hirst

                                  Gary Thurston

                           Judith Heffer

                             David Hobden           

Click here for the 'All Time Points List':

Purple names are current members


Centurion Transparent.png


The 'Timeline' represents the achievements the Bishop's Stortford Chess Club have made since the clubs inception. It includes:


·         Hertfordshire League Champions (including division),

·         Hertfordshire Team Cup Competition Winners,

·         Hertfordshire Individual Cup Competition Winners,

·         National Team Competition Winners.


Click on the icon below to view the B.S.C.C. Timeline.


Click here for the clubs Timeline:

B.S.C.C. History

The history of the club can be found in the minutes taken at each AGM at the beginning/end of each season of the clubs existence, stretching all the way back to 1947.

David Hobden, a club member since 2003, and one of the clubs 'Centurions', has collated all this information and put into one single document.

We are now fortunate enough to have a digital copy of every AGM since the clubs conception. Given that we still have members that predate the advent of the e2e4 website, this has been a very useful document to review as well as an interesting account of the clubs history.

Click here for the BSCC History:

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