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H&D /  U120 League / /Knock Out Competitions

H&D League
Capt: Charles Willbe   North Division

Thu 01-Feb-2024

BSCC V Stevenage

Thu 14-Mar-2024

Hoddesdon V BSCC

Tue 26-Mar-2024

Hertford V BSCC

Thu 25-Apr-2024

BSCC V Royston

Mon 06-Nov-2023

Royston V BSCC

Thu 23-Nov-2023

BSCC V Hertford

Thu 30-Nov-2023

BSCC V Hoddesdon

Mon 11-Dec-2023

Stevenage V BSCC

The Russell Cup

Capt: Ieuan Ward

Tue 24-Oct-2023

Hertford V BSCC    4.5 - 1.5 Loss

The Sharp Cup

Capt: Gary Thurston

The U1750
Capt: Adam Hirst

Thu 12-Oct-2023

BSCC V St Albans      2 - 3 Loss

U1750 Team.png

The U1600
Capt: Nathan Wong

Thu 26-Oct-2023

BSCC V Hemel Hempstead

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